You are currently viewing COVID-19 -Impact on our daily life.

COVID-19 -Impact on our daily life.

COVID-19 made us remember our ancestors.
The way has changed, not the tradition.​

It’s time to change habits.
COVID 19 has led to a major change in our lifestyles. The way we interact with people, our social lives and also our eating habits have been affected by the pandemic.
It’s time to store food at home rather than being dependent on packed food.
Nature has started preserving itself, it’s time for you to contribute your share.
Preserving foods under the sun is an ancient technique. For years and years we have been dehydrating a lot of food under the sun. Preserving food under the sun would keep them free from germs and bacteria and also kept the food away from deterioration. You could easily preserve food for years. Also seasonal fruits and vegetables were preserved in one time and would consume it all over the year. But due to inconvenience and negligence we have somehow started forgetting our culture.
It’s time to revive our ancient civilization back and start preserving.
Pass the preachings of your ancestors to your successors as you can play an important role in preserving the culture. It may be that next generation may not even know what their ancestors did and how they lived a better life than us.
It’s time to preserve a lot of things together and we have an optimum solution for you.
The dehydrator which can connect your future to your past. Dehydrating is a technique which was invented years ago but has been forgotten in the modern times. It may be due to lack of resources, time & effort. But we have got a complete, easy and resourceful way in which you can remember and relive the old school ways to preserve the food for years.
We present to you Excalibur Dehydrators the world’s best dehydrator made in USA.
We have two variants of the dehydrators which can perfectly suit your kitchen and help you preserve your food naturally. The two variants consists of a 4 Tray dehydrator and another is a 9 Tray dehydrator with a 26hr timer.
Have a look over the video below to know the ease and benefits of dehydrating.
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