Demarle Flexipan Non stick Silicone Mould 600×400 FP1124

The Demarle Flexipan baking mold has changed the way that pastry chefs work – Made in France. Flexipan Non-Stick Silicone Molds flexible molds do not have to be greased and will still unmold without breakage. Flexipans are made with a combination of fiberglass and silicone. This allows the baking molds to be flexible, and gives it it’s non stick quality. The combination also gives the Flexipan Non-Stick Molds a longer life, making it possible to use them two or three thousand times before the first signs of sticking.The ease of cleaning also makes these flexible bakeware such a desirable tool. FLEXIPAN MOLDS Flexible structure in silicone coated glass fiber, designed for easy removal from the mold. For cooking and refrigerating savory or sweet products. Available in sheets, Flexipan molds are very well-adapted to series production. Guaranteed for 2,000 to 3,000 uses. Easy clean-up in water. Conforms to European, French and USA silicone regulations. It has been awarded the NSF certification for safety and quality design. Kosher and U.S. FDA approved. Made in France

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  • Non-stick baking sheet – no greasing necessary
  • Made of fiberglass and food grade silicone; FDA, NSF and Kosher certified
  • Can be used thousands of times; Easy to clean–use a soft sponge under hot water
  • Completely safe in ovens, freezers and microwaves

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Sheet Dimensions

mm 600 x 400

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