ISI Rapid Infusion Set

Infuse the unique flavors of herbs and spices with liquids to create a unique and mesmerizing cocktail, oil or flavored water.

Rapid infusion is the process of infusing flavors into a liquid in the shortest possible time, helping to create a new and inviting flavor.

Suitable for use with the ISI Gourmet Whip or ISI Thermo Whip.Firstly, you will need to combine an aromatic ingredient (herbs, spices, fruit, etc.) with your desired liquid (alcohol, oils, water, vinegar, etc) by using an ISI whipper and pressurizing it with a cream charger. This infuses the flavor of the solid ingredient with the liquid and creates a new and unique taste.
The ISI Rapid Infusion Set then comes into play! This set is used to alleviate the pressure in the whipper and you can collect the resulting foam or liquid in a container.
The sieve helps to reduce the amount of particles in the head of the whipper, although you should use the ISI funnel and sieve set with a finer mesh to strain liquid from the bottle to remove smaller particles.
Simple as that!
Dishwasher safe.