Microplane Cut Resistant Glove

  • Cut Resistant Glove: This wire free knit glove, is recommended for use with sharp tools, it is cut resistant material that moves with your hand, and protects it from accidental contact with sharp edges.
  • Flexible Alternative: The cut resistant glove is a flexible alternative to using a food guard or food holder which can be clumsy to hold over food.
  • Meets Standards: the Microplane cut resistant glove is FDA compliant, Meets Level EN388 5; and Ansi 3 for cut resistant standards. It is NOT puncture proof, or oven safe.
  • One Size Fits Most! Designed to be worn left or right handed. The glove is made out of cut-resistant fibers, yet is stretchable, lightweight, and breathable. It fits most hands including men.
  • Machine Wash! This glove is machine washable (not in the dishwasher), just wash in the laundry and then drip dry for a fresh glove after every use. Please dispose once the material becomes frayed, or damaged.

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Safer is Always Better

When you manufacture ultra-sharp tools like Microplane does, injuries from grating, slicing, and chopping are possible. Fingers and knuckles can end up in the way. You can use a food guard for grating and slicing, but may find it awkward because you can’t grasp the food in your hand. Using the cut resistant glove from Microplane not only prevents nicks and cuts, but also allows the user to grate smaller pieces without worry.

The cut resistant glove is designed to fit all sizes of hands, and can be worn by both left and right hand users. It is machine washable and drips dry. The glove is not stiff or bulky to use.

EN388 Level 5 and ANSI 4
Microplane uses the highest standard material for the Cut Resistant Glove, meaning that if you accidentally slide your hand across the sharp edge of a grater or a hand held slicer, your hand will be protected from injury. A cut resistant glove does not mean it is puncture resistant – that is a completely different material and standard. The glove only functions properly if it is not frayed or damaged and is free from any visible holes. It does not prevent injury from powered or rotating slicing blades. Check out the standards on the EN388 site for more details.

No Need for Emergency Room
Kitchen cuts are #5 in the top 10 reasons for visits to the ER. Microplane tools are ultra-sharp, making kitchen tasks faster and recipes more delectable. However, nothing kills time like going to the ER because of a kitchen injury. Be safe and ‘glove up’.

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