Microplane Zesti Flexi

  • Flexible top: The made in USA zesting blade is surrounded with BPA-free silicone that flexes with pressure, allowing the zester to easily glide over the rinds of citrus fruit. This kitchen grater maximizes the amount of lemon zest you get in one stroke!
  • Ergonomic profile: the small, round shape fits naturally into the palm of your hand, making it easy to control. Measuring a mere 2. 5″ X 2″ X 1. 5″, it easily fits into a child’s hand as well.
  • Tidy zest: fresh zest falls from the blade to a collecting dish (measuring about 1 teaspoon) that’s underneath the silicone top.
  • Sharp teeth: the Flex zesti uses the same technology as the Microplane Rasp zester. Expect the same made in USA blade, with just the right tooth height to pick up only the Zest, and not the bitter white pith.
  • Patented: don’t fall for imitations, this kitchen gadget is patented! (# D785, 415). the zester can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. If it is submerged, water may enter the lower chamber, so we recommend hand washing without soaking. There are weep holes in the base to allow water to release; place those holes down for complete drying.

Original price was: ₹1,520.00.Current price is: ₹1,150.00.


The Microplane flex zest is a compact zester that conveniently flexes to adapt to the shape of any citrus fruit you wish to zest. The small stature fits organically into both the curve of your palm and around the many shapes and sizes of limes, lemons and other citrus fruit. Featuring microplane’s made in the USA, ultra-sharp zesting blade, This cute and fun kitchen tool creates flavorful and aromatic zest quickly and effortlessly. This kitchen prep item is designed with a dish that sits inside the flexible top to conveniently capture fresh zest – simply lift the silicone top off and it’s neatly piled inside the dish. Buy this Microplane zesting tool today! It makes for a great gift and kids will love to use it!

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