Triangle Corer Fruit & Veg SS

Triangle Professional Fruit & Vegetable Corer

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With the stoner for fruit and vegetables, different sized cores can be quickly and easily removed or fruit flesh hollowed out. The stainless steel loop is sharpened all around on both sides and can therefore be used in different widths: the narrow tip for narrow core housings, the wider ends for larger vegetables. The stoner simply glides through the pulp of pears, aubergines, zucchini, potatoes, cucumber etc. and leaves cleanly cut curves – perfect for filling and further processing. For example, to delicious eggplant filled with caponata .

The handle is made of robust, glass fiber reinforced polyamide, offers a secure hold and is made for professional use.

Stainless Steel.
Dishwasher safe.

Triangle Corer Fruit & Veg SS

Triangle Corer Fruit & Veg SS

Triangle Corer Fruit & Veg SS


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Triangle Fruit & Vegetable Corer



Stainless steel; PP


mm 225


mm 50


mm 18