Triangle Deco Twister Set SS 1*2 Pc

Triangle Professional 2pc Deco Twister Set

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Whether as an appetizer, side dish or finger food – small pots of raw food, filled with a hearty herbal cream or savory pate, delight the eyes and the palate alike.

With the triangle decorative twister, fruit and vegetables can be transformed into small containers in no time at all. Simply place the handle on the axle and twist the twister evenly into the vegetables. As soon as the desired depth is reached, the device is pulled out of the vegetables. Kohlrabi, zucchini and cucumber are suitable for hollowing out, as are carrots, beetroot or radish.

Two different sized attachments (Ø 20mm, Ø 38mm) ensure variable application options. All parts are rustproof and dishwasher safe.

The big twister is exactly the diameter of a tea light.
Several tea lights arranged lengthwise in a zucchini or sweet potato result in an extraordinary table decoration!

Triangle Deco Twister Set SS 1*2 Pc

Triangle Deco Twister Set SS 1*2 Pc

Triangle Deco Twister Set SS 1*2 Pc



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Triangle 2pc Deco Twister Set




Stainless steel 18/10; SECTION


mm 145


mm 104


mm 40