Pavoni Powerflex Pastry Bag 450mm PW045

Powerflex in a piping bag made with food rubber. Available in 3 different sizes. it is single packed.
Powerflex has the following advantages:
– it does not sweat, even with a fat compounds
– it grants high sensibility at pastry chef’s hands
– it is extremely soft and handy and perfectly welded in the joints to avoid infiltration of product
– it is very easy to clean also with dry ingredients stuck on it
– It can be washed into dishwasher
– It does not absorb tastes and smells of ingredients used
– perfect anti slip grip high
– resistance to pressure stress also with hard compounds (it does not wear)
– the hole for tip does not warp even after many times and after strong efforts

Original price was: ₹1,550.00.Current price is: ₹1,240.00.

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PW045 PASTRY BAG 450 mm




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