ISI Thermo Whip SS 0.5 L

The versatile tool for cooking & catering convenience: creams, espumas, soups, sauces & infusions
Double walled stainless steel vacuum bottle with maximum insulating performance: Keeps cool up to 8 hours – keeps warm up to 3 hours. For the preparation of whipped cream, warm and cold sauces, and light and frothy Espumas, soups, and desserts. Dishwasher safe. Metal head with protective silicone grip and fixed stainless steel valve. Closed and sealed system – fits HACCP requirements.

No matter how warm or cold the contents, double-wall construction keeps the bottle comfortable to the touch.
Portable, so it’s perfect for use in places where no refrigeration or reheating source is available. It can actually increase menu flexibility for serving away from the food preparation area.
Improves product yield by reducing the need to shake the bottle each time the Thermo Whip is removed from the refrigerator.
Improves consistency of contents by maintaining an ideal serving temperature for each serving.
The versatile tool for cooking & catering convenience. For the preparation of light and fluffy espumas, finger food, warm and cold sauces and whipped soups, as well as whipped cream and desserts. Stainless steel bottle and head – designed for the professional use.

Head with protective silicone grip and fixed stainless steel valve for easy dispensing, even with warm preparations. Double-walled, stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle with maximum thermal performance: keeps creations cold or hot for hours.

Max. filling volume: 0.5 L
Includes: Stainless Steel Straight Tip, Tulip Tip, Star Tip, Cleaning Brush
Ergonomic charger holder with non-slip, heat resistant silicone grip
Helps meet HACCP requirements

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500 ml

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